Premium IPL Handset

Premium IPL Handset

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Luxury hair removal at the comfort of your home! Have hair-free and carefree skincare with our LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset. 

What It Is

LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset is World’s #1 selling Premium IPL Handset! 

With our patent-pending design, this powerful IPL Handset will have you hair-free in just weeks. No more trips to the salon to get your hair ripped out! 

Why Is It Special

  • Lifetime Flashes - Permanently hair-free skin with 600,000 flashes - 20 Years worth which is 2x longer than our standard IPL Handset.
  • Energy Per Flash - 15 J/cm2, also 2x stronger than our standard IPL Handset for increased efficiency.
  • Suitable for Face & Body - Gentle enough for facial hair removal and powerful enough to permanently remove body hair. 
  • Automatic Skin Tone Selection - Suitable for all skin tones and hair thicknesses.
  • Quick & Easy - Permanent hair removal with this easy-to-use handset in weeks. 
  • Luxurious Design - The sleek body features easy grip to make your hair removal session nothing less than a luxury. 

How it Works

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive hair removal treatment. It damages the hair follicles from within, restricting the regrowth of your hair while also preventing ingrown hair. 

It uses high-power flash to remove unwanted hair permanently. With LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset, you can have an effortless hair-removing solution at your fingertips. 

Portable & Pain-Free 

Our LUX SKIN® Premium IPL Handset features a sleek and portable design with a user-friendly control panel. With the quick charge and powerful laser technology, this can be your ultimate travel skincare partner. 

The product offers a pain-free and quick solution to remove hair at home permanently. Enjoy hair-free and smooth skin with its ergonomic design to fit all the curves of your body.