LUX SKIN® ProStyler

LUX SKIN® ProStyler

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Are you tired of buying expensive brands that cost a fortune?

Are you sick of having multiple products for different hairstyles?

Then, the ProStyler is what you need - Affordable and 5 attachments in 1!

Expert beauty insiders are calling it: "The Best Dupe On The Market!"

The ProStyler has a powerful motor that blows out air at 65,000rpm, this allows you to Dry, Curl and Shape without harsh high heat that damages your hair!

Product Benefits >

  • 5 In 1 Device - Comes with 5 attachments so you can curl, shape, straighten, or style anyway you need to!
  • 65,000 Speed Motor - Super high powered air without high heat, means no damage to your hair.
  • Latest Airflow Technology - This state of the art device allows you to style and dry SUPER fast, without any risk of damage to your hair.
  • Affordable - HALF the price of competitor brands on the market.

Product Specs >

  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Motor: 65,000 RPM
  • Temperature: 55-105ºC - 130-220ºF
  • Heat: 3 Levels
  • Air Power: 3 Levels
  • Curling: 2 barrels (Left & Right) depending on which direction you use the wand
  • Affordable - HALF the price of competitor brands on the market.

How To Get The Best Curls >

  • Section off your hair and leave it damp. About 80% dry will give you longer lasting curls, instead of doing it on fully dry hair.
  • Use the left or right curling barrel depending on which side of the hair you are doing first. This is so you can create symmetrical curls on both sides.
  • Let the hair wrap around the wand naturally. The barrel will pull and curl the section of hair itself, you don't need to wrap the hair around it. If you have trouble getting the hair to wrap around the barrel you may be using the wrong side, in this case swap the barrel.
  • Hold on high heat for about 20-30 seconds, then switch to the lowest heat for about 10-20 seconds - the curl should then hold nicely!