LUX SKIN® Ionic Hair Dryer
LUX SKIN® Ionic Hair Dryer
LUX SKIN® Ionic Hair Dryer

LUX SKIN® Ionic Hair Dryer

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Frizz-free hair drying



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A powerful hair dryer with ionic technology and small enough that you can take it anywhere! 

Dry your hair in minutes and create the perfect hairstyle! You don't need to spend $$$ on a new hair dryer when ours will do everything and more for a fraction of the cost!

Product Benefits >

  • Ionic Technology - In short, this means our hair dryer produces negatively charged ions that counteract the positively charged ions in water (wet hair). The result being your hair drys faster, without frizz and no damage!   
  • 2 Speed Settings - Different speed settings for different intensities and a cold option to hold the hair in place. 
  • Cold Setting - Use the cool air function when to help set styles in place.
  • Travel Size - Lightweight and functional size makes it easy to travel with.
  • Affordable - HALF the price of competitor brands on the market.

Why is it so cheap compared to other brands?

That is the LUX SKIN® difference! We don't have super high profit margins, we put the customer first.

In most cases our products are made in the same factories from the same materials as brands that sell for at 2-3x higher prices!