LUX SKIN® Anti Frizz Hair Wand
LUX SKIN® Anti Frizz Hair Wand

LUX SKIN® Anti Frizz Hair Wand

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What it is: 
A little wand that you can carry with you everywhere to keep those flyaways, frizz and stray hairs down!

Why it's special: 
  • Holds hair down instantly
  • Doesn't leave your hair oily, dirty or hard (like hairspray)
  • Target flyaways with precision, just a sweeping motion and those strays are back in place!
How it works:

Our unique serum instantly holds hair down and sets it for the day/night, without any sticky or hard residue being left behind. 

Why Over +800,000 Choose LUX SKIN:

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    If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can get a full refund!

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