LUX SKIN® Anti Acne Silk Pillowcase

LUX SKIN® Anti Acne Silk Pillowcase

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An amazing, 22 Momme 6A Grade (the highest grade) 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase that has acne prevention benefits.

All natural and hypoallergenic! 

Our silk pillowcases reduce bacteria spread which prevents acne and reduces the risk of getting clogged pores.

Our silk is more than nearly 5x more breathable than cotton pillows which help to regulate temperature and improve your sleep.
  • Your skin will love it! (Anti acne and ageing benefits)
  • Your hair will love it! (Less frizz and friction)
  • Gentle on skin, antibacterial and super comfortable!

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    If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can get a full refund!

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