The Secret To At-Home Hair Removal — And Why You Need To Ditch Your Overpriced Waxing Appointments

I used to dread impromptu beach days with my friends or romantic date nights, not just because I hadn’t had the chance to buy a cute new bathing suit or dress in ages, but because it seldom coincided with my smooth leg days!

The invitations always came right between my waxing appointments, leaving me to try and sneakily hide the fact that I was sporting prickly cactus legs under my jeans.

My leg and underarm hair grow extremely fast…almost too fast for me to keep up with, to be honest, and I don’t feel quite like myself when I have to go out in public without shaving…

It got to a point where I couldn’t accept that there weren’t other options out there—

—affordable, and most importantly, painless options.

I was sick and tired of getting my hair ripped out every two weeks at a salon or nipping myself with my razor. So I scoured the internet to see if other women were just as over traditional hair removal methods as I was, and I found out that I wasn’t alone…

Women everywhere know this struggle 

Did you know that female hair removal can be traced to 30,000 BC?! Heck, even beautiful goddesses in Botticelli paintings had to cover up that they hadn’t scheduled an appointment at the salon. 

There’s solid evidence that women have been trying to develop effective hair removal methods throughout history. And while it’s commonplace nowadays to pick up a basic razor at the drugstore, it’s been a tough few thousand years going through the trial and error of such a delicate process. 

But this is the 21st century, ladies, and I think it’s time for us women to evolve past barbaric hair removal methods that only seem to make our skin and wallets hurt. 

The average woman spends upwards of about $100 a leg, A LEG when they get waxed, while a simple laser treatment of the bikini area can cost $500 for a single session. 

Is it worth it to leave it to the pros? 

So many women don’t trust themselves with at-home hair removal or end up breaking the bank on more long-term solutions that never give them the results they want in the end. 

But is it worth your hard-earned cash to leave it up to strangers to help you achieve the hair removal goals unique to your body? 

I realized that my beauty routine worked best in my own hands instead of constantly risking my comfort with new salons or aestheticians. 

But you could be asking yourself, how do I do something as tricky as waxing at home by myself without the help go a professional? Well, here’s the thing—what if there was something beyond waxing or shaving that you could do to achieve long-term, salon-quality results? 

I always thought it’d be genius to create something that utilizes similar technology to an expensive laser hair removal treatment that wouldn’t cost a fortune. I wouldn’t want to keep my schedule open for in-office appointments when I rather be out doing the things I love…

Bring salon-quality hair removal to your home

And then I found it…

Turn out there is a revolutionary hair removal method out there for those of us ready to evolve past the primitive methods of the past…

Something for the woman that needs their self-care regiment to be efficient, portable, and effortlessly sleek. I found a special method that utilizes flashes of lights to target hair regrowth at the source and keep it from growing back for more time than any other typical hair removal method out there. 

It’s called IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, and it’s been a well-kept dermatologist secret until now…

It works by focusing a beam of concentrated light on smaller sections of your skin at a time and heating the hair follicle to the point of disabling hair growth. And unlike razors or waxing, where you have to contend with thick and thorny hair bumps, IPL hair regrowth comes back fine and thin. 

It’s perfect for common trouble areas such as the legs, bikinis, underarms, and upper lip! An expensive laser treatment's power is contained in a small, chic handheld device. And of course, it’s easy to stumble upon IPL devices that are cheap and unreliable, so I made sure to look for something that only had raving reviews. I came across the Lux Skin Premium IPL Handset. 


Achieve silky legs while saving more money than ever

I instantly ordered it, tried it out for myself, and I was floored. It’s probably highly cliche to say this, but I almost wept from how easy it was to set up and use!

The Lux Skin IPL Handset was like having a luxury hair removal session right at home, with luxury-level results. After using it for a few weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in the number of ingrown hairs I had to deal with (hint: I had none!), and my usually dark thick hair was barely noticeable when it did grow back. 

I did some research into the world of IPL hair removal. I found that many women with darker complexions often complain about previously using IPL devices that didn’t work as efficiently on their skin tones. The amazing thing about Lux Skin that sets it apart from other handheld IPL sets, is that it comes with an Automatic Skin Tone Selection feature, specifically designed to adjust itself to any skin tone or hair thickness to provide a treatment that is uniquely you!


Your best bet for painless hair removal

My Lux Skin handset is the trendy, compact hair removal companion I’ve always dreamt of. It’s a jet-setter like I am, and it’s helped me not have to worry about whether or not I feel confident on an impromptu outing anymore. 

Suppose you’re looking into upgrading your hair removal regiment. In that case, there are a million options out there for you to try—but there’s only one that’s only $89 that’ll give you years' worth of luxury hair removal treatments you can take with you anywhere. 

It’s a huge hassle having to go out there and trust your body with all these painful and potentially harmful hair removal methods. Beauty doesn’t have to be pain; take it from me. I used to think that was the only option…

Until I found Lux Skin, then I completely reframed my outlook and realized that true beauty is effortless. From one tired gal to another, it’s time to switch to care-free hair removal that lets you focus on being your true wild child self. 

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