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LUX SKIN® Hot & Cold Face Wand

LUX SKIN® Hot & Cold Face Wand

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The LUX SKIN™ Hot & Cold Face Wand combines 3 unique technologies into one device!

Help with Acne and Oily Skin. Treat Sunspots and Ageing areas. Reduce inflammation and improve circulation.
So MANY benefits can be achieved from this amazing device, and it takes only a few minutes per day!

Before & After:


  • Red & Blue LED Light Therapy
  • Heating Therapy
  • Cooling Therapy
  • Max Heat is 42ºC / 107ºF
  • Max Cool is 11ºC / 52ºF


Red LED Light:

- Reduce fine lines

- Improve skin texture

- Improve collagen production

- Improve circulation 

Blue LED Light:

- Used to treat acne and oily skin.

- It can help with removing sun spots, acne,

and even scars that were originally caused by acne.

Heating Therapy:

- Combined with a light massage this helps to open the pores and increase the penetration and absorption of skincare products such as serums and moisturisers.

 Cooling Therapy:

- Shrink pores and tighten skin.

- Reduce puffiness and acne growth.



The Hot & Cold Face Wand has several modes to select from: 

  • Clean
  • Moist
  • Mask
  • Lift

Each mode can then be combined with Heating or Cooling and Red or Blue Light, depending on your goal.