LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush
LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush

LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush

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    The LUX SKIN™ Spin Cleansing Brush is designed to easily remove dirt, oil, makeup and debris from your face.
    It features 2 adjustable speed levels and 3 changeable brush heads for different uses.


    • Results in as little as 1 session
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Gently remove dead skin, dirt, and makeup.
    • Prevent Acne and breakouts
    • Deepest cleanse for flawless skin
    • Water resistant - can be used in the shower.(although we don't suggest to fully submerge the device in water)
    • USB charge, no batteries required


    Step 1: Ensure device is charged (3 hours for the first use)

    Step 2: Attach the brush head of your choice. Simply pull/push to remove and attach the brush head.

    Step 3: For best results use after wetting your face with warm water. You may choose to apply a face cleanser if you wish.

    Step 4: Press the white power button once for low speed and twice for high speed.

    Step 5: Clean around your face in circular motions for several minutes.

    Step 6: Wash your face off with warm and apply a moisturiser or serum to keep the skin hydrated.